Monday, July 23, 2007


23 inches. According to the time-honored "one knuckle is an inch" method, this is how far my arm can reach down the floor register trying to retrieve my long-lost silverware from the air duct.


24 inches. According to my ability to make the spoons clink but my inability to actually grab them, this is my estimated guess at how far down the air duct the silverware is.


32 inches and 35 inches. According to the hasty, "stand still while I flip the ruler" method, these are the heights of the perpetrators.





  1. you just put a smile on my face. We have baseboard heating. :) Hope your DH has a longer reach.

  2. Since we've had children, our silverware count has gone down. I've never thought to check air ducts. I did find one piece in the garden though- after I'd twisted it with the rototiller. Mary


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