Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Another brown-eyed girl! Lily is not alone!

I could not ask for an easier baby. Ada is so, so easy.


She is so easy!

She sleeps for 3-4 hours, nurses for maybe 20 minutes, and goes back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. She nurses twice at night. I'm tired and old, so she stays in our bed after her first nighttime nurse and is very pleasant to sleep next to.

And she's gaining weight.

She never cries, except when it's time to eat. Then she eats and sleeps some more.

Really, the most trouble she gives us is that we have to thoroughly wake her up in order for her to nurse.

Out of our nine, we've only had one other that slept this much and was this easy. That was Lily. I worried about her - after our first, Benjamin, who never slept more than twenty minutes at a time and did not believe you could safely be awake and not nursing - I was sure she was developmentally delayed or otherwise impeded.

Then she sat up at four months, crawled at five months, and walked at seven months.

And before the age of two, she had potty-trained herself (by crawling up on the potty and sitting backwards) and washed my contacts down the sink.

Maybe I was right to be worried.

Lily and Miriam
In any case, this first week of life with Ada has been amazingly easy (supper every day provided by church members may be a large part of that) and smooth. I've slept hard and well.

Ada and Salem
And so has she.


  1. I'm glad she is so easy for you. And I love those cheeks in the first picture. Because after having Noah, I have a fondness for chubby kissable baby cheeks. :)
    COngratulations again.

  2. What a cutie she is!!! You are so blessed to have a good sleeper and an easy-going baby! Her baby cheeks make me smile!

  3. She is so adorable. I'm glad that she is an easy baby for you. Enjoy!

  4. Sweet, chubby AND easy! What more could a mother of 9 wish for??!
    Many congratulations from the Hollens!

    1. I'm very happy with how easy she is...and constantly reminding myself that this could all change tomorrow - I'm cherishing each day!

      Can't WAIT for you to meet her.

  5. she is absolutely beautiful..... congratulations to all of you... what a fresh gift from heaven....

  6. Congratulations and what a beautiful baby! Easy babies are indeed an amazing blessing (all babies are gifts), but those easy ones sure make those early days a little smoother---especially when you have 8 others to care for. Best Wishes!


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