Sunday, March 25, 2012

And Now We Are Eleven

Because I would hate to forget how beat up delivery can make one!

Ada Gwen Allison

March 23, 2012 @ 1:41 PM

9 lbs., 12 oz.

21" long

Our tiebreaker is finally here. The girls are officially ahead.

And this little one is a real winner. Her birth was as pleasant as could be expected (which, for us, means natural and over quickly) and her siblings are deeply in love with her.

Not to mention her Papa and her Mama.

Her name is a slight variation on the biblical "Adah," dropping the "h" because of the inevitable "U-DAW?" we didn't want to hear every time someone read her name. Her middle name, Gwen, is Ethan's paternal grandmother's.

And this is how you explain her name to a 3-yr. old.

(3-yr. old): "Do we call her 'Chubby'?"

     (Me): "No, her name is 'Ada.' "

"Does that mean 'chubby'?"

     "No, it means 'ornament.' "

"Does that mean 'chubby'?"

     "No, it means 'decoration.' "

(3-yr. old, exasperated): "But does THAT mean 'chubby'?"

More pictures will be coming, which will no doubt confirm Jonathan's description of her. We are tired, we are happy, and we are blessed.
(And also, we are chubby.)


  1. Do you know how amazing & blessed you are?!! :) I'm not only thoroughly inspired by the Lord's work with your children and you and Ethan as parents, etc...but the fact that you will take time to write a blog the day before AND after you deliver is simply incredible. Thank you for thinking of all of us (aka showing Ada off:) and including us in your experiences! Love You All!

  2. Oh, she is beautiful and so is her name. We are so happy for you all! Jonathan told me that she is chubby this morning, but he also said she was teeny weeny.

  3. Congratulations, Allisons! Aren't you glad you didn't decide to give them all the same first initial? Naming nine children is hard enough without the added constraint... which is why we have to stop at 3! Haha! Great job, and I pray that you are able to get some rest!!

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful. :)

  5. Thank you all! We are really enjoying her sweet temperament.

    Carol, you're not off the hook yet. Eden, Elizabeth, Elsa, Esther...look. You could have at least four more girls right there! And you haven't even begun to exhaust boy names!

    I mean, look at the Duggars. They came up with all those "J" names...

    Back to kissing pudgy cheeks. There is just no shortage around here...

  6. Congratulations, my friend! And I have a fondness for the name Ada as my niece is Ada-with-an-h. :)
    Your newest addition is beautiful.

  7. Oh! Sweetness... cheers for you all... Congratulations and all of that happy stuff... The chubbiness always wears off when they start walking right? I think it makes them more cuddly...

  8. I was just starting to wonder if I'd made the world's worst social faux pas by accusing you of being and I quote, "very very pregnant"! I am relieved (to say the least), but resolved to be slower to speak (or type in this case). I love love love Ada Gwen's beautiful name and love you and your amazing family.

    1. Dontcha know I just love to make you squirm??!!

      No, I just was tired of the pregnancy blogging I seem to do every other year. I resolved to this year just leave it alone and give my dad a break (pregnancy posts bore him to tears)!

      But I do love to make you squirm. :)

  9. Oh!! Congratulations!! What a beautiful little girl, and ahhhhh her name is gorgeous!!

    Guess what, Bethany had a little boy, Sylas Raine Franklin, on March 13!! Ada & Sylas can be best buds.

    Praying for you to get some rest. Enjoy those chubby cheeks.

    1. I have a nephew, Silas. You know, I really like the spelling of that...S..Y..LAS. That looks great!

      I hereby thoroughly endorse Ada and Sylas becoming good friends. He's good stock, you know.

      Congratulations to Bethany! (I can't believe she's old enough to have kids...)


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