Thursday, October 6, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Oct. 6


FUNNY (chasing escapee chickens):

How to ride a trike, according to Gideon (above): put on Eden's crocs and then sit on stoop behind seat. This allows your feet to reach the ground. Grab the handlebars, start scooting feverishly, and be sure to check frequently to ensure owner of trike does not see you stealing trike AGAIN.

And then? All I have left is REAL.

This is the pile of shoes (and pair of pants) that are NOT going back into the shoe bench. Also? I finally found my good tweezers! (What were they doing in there?)

This is the dishwasher that we got after the old dishwasher died. It died-died. Then we put this one in, and my dishes were clean and sparkling! And then they weren't. And then there was water all over the floor, and under it. And then Ethan fixed-fixed the dishwasher (oops, unattached drain hose) and then started ripping out the floor.

And? There was wood under the floor! It's in need of work and TLC, but this tongue-in-groove wood was such a delightful sight under the gross linoleum and subfloor. The planks are 6", and Ethan is quickly removing the linoleum et al. during his time off work.

It only took us a year and a half of living here to find out there was wood under there! I know it's rough, but I love it. There's history in them thar woods. We will clean them up and call upon our local wood experts (Jason? Dad?) for advice. It drives Ethan crazy that the old floor is not *all up* yet, but I'm fine with it. Restoration mess is exciting. The scattered summer clothing all over my floor and wet towels thrown all over the bathroom? Not so much (but aren't you glad I spared you from pictures of THAT?)!

And for this last picture, I feel I owe some explaining. Yesterday a lady from church took Lily, Mimi, and Edee out for pizza. The others were sad and jealous. So, in a fit of temporary I'm-a-fun-mom-yes-I-am insanity, I gave the homebound kids "temporary tattoos" via a dry-erase marker.

And today, Gideon displayed his own artwork:

(And despite all photographic evidence to the contrary, we DO usually wear pants around here.)

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  1. My favorite shots are the real shots because they are well, real. And real is good. :) And I LOVE the wood floors.

  2. I'm thrilled for you about the floors! I noticed them in the picture of the dishwasher before reading how you discovered them... wonderful! And since we are in the messy middle of the great seasonal clothing switchover, the picture of your shoe bench was an odd encouragement.

    The girls will enjoy the latest pictures of the kids and chickens as much as I did, but I don't think I'll show Grace Gideon's tattoo in case she gets any ideas!

  3. Andrea and AllyeB,

    You can always look to me when you want to feel better about the way things are going/looking at your house...we set the standard REALLY low around here! I can pretty much always guarantee my house looks worse than yours.

    That's kind of a depressing claim to fame...

  4. How my house looks when folks come is not its everyday face! (Isn't that true for most?) I'm so thankful for doors that close! It will be the rare day that I allow anyone in my laundry room, because the state of that room is my own depressing claim to fame!

    I think your true claim to fame is the ability to laugh and make others laugh in the middle of all that is pretty, happy, funny, and real.

  5. Congratulations on the wood! I am a big fan of refinished old floors. That way, you can hardly do any damage to them, but they look great! Good for you!

  6. Congrats on finding the wood floor! That happened to us with our first house--a 1940s cottage. We went to re-vinyl tile the floor and suddenly discovered a pine floor beneath it! Huzzah!

  7. I LOVE this post! Probably because I could have written it (at least the parts about the chickens, tweezers, pants, shoes and water on the floor...husband accidentally drilled through the water main this weekend :-D ). And way to go on the wood!!


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