Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So today there is no sun in the forecast.

This suits my kids just fine. They've been begging for hot chocolate, anyway.

Whatever will I do when the babies join the throng of cocoa drinkers? My windowsill isn't long enough!

Plans for today:
  • Gather library books and deliver on the way to pick up friends from school
  • Put away winter coats that were washed yesterday
  • Check on chicks (moved to outside "brooder": think chicken [bunny] tractor converted to a chick playground with heat lamp by ever-inventive Ethan and then covered with tarps to protect from the forecasted weather of the next ten days)
  • Work on Colossians memorization (this week is review: all of chapter 1). It is possible!! I reviewed it last night, fell asleep trying to pin down the part after "mystery hidden for ages and generations" and woke this morning remembering it. Amazing.
  • Start lettuce seeds and Lily's flower seeds.
Of course, there is the usual laundryschooldisheswhat'sforsupperdiapersPickUpYourRoomRightNow! but that is so 1) duh and 2) overwhelming

that I think it doesn't really bear mentioning.

If I get ONE of these done (library books?), I will feel like today has been profitable. I really do hope it's the library books. I keep getting urgent library reminders in my in-box. Although dead chicks would also be irksome, so I'd best make sure they get bumped (gently) to the top of the list.

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