Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One thing we love (perhaps that's a little too strong - "happily endure"?) about Staunton is the summer ... oddly enough. I would normally advise anyone traveling to Virginia to pick fall or winter or spring to come, but we've been surprised by charm even in the midst of summer. While it has gotten hot (and Very Good Friends Russ and Kathy -- how'd you like those Capital Letters, Kath? -- arrived just in time to help us install our mega window-unit air conditioning), the breezes are constant, the nights are beginning to cool (and it's still August!), and there are enough water spots to cool us down on the hottest days.

We've explored around and found lakes and ponds and dams and the swimming pool of some friends. We've been enjoying ending Mondays at our friends' pool. Granted, most of the time is spent helping children overcome their fear of water (and get their suits on) and keeping babies occupied, but the kids eagerly look forward to Mondays and brag all week about what kind of swimming they're going to try.

And there's been other water play ... a canner full of water and a spray bottle provided almost an entire afternoon's entertainment.

Miriam and Jonathan

(And when it's not your turn with the spray bottle, just go ahead and dump a water bottle down her back...)

Miriam and Abraham
Eden, Ben, and Lily

Some of us just watch the goings-on.

David Bianca (the bunny) and his/her? paper towel

Salem and Maverick


But the real trick is when Papa gets home from work...luring him out of the van so you can douse him.

Jonathan and Ethan
And then when it's time to come inside, everyone is STARVING (because water can make you SOOOO HUNGRRRRYYYYY MOOOOOM). We eat lots, and then we play some more.

Gideon, taken by Benjamin
And it turns out summer's not so bad after all.


  1. To our VGF's Rachel & Ethan - VG job & we love you ;) Glad you're having a great summer settling in and that the evenings are beginning to cool. Seeing any more beautiful sunsets on that wonderful porch? We can almost see the leaves beginning to turn here. Did you happen to get to visit with the Gregsons when they were in VA a few weeks ago? I know they had wanted to on one of their visits. xoxos to the kids.

  2. Kath-

    No, we didn't get to see them! Maybe next time...

    Do you know my kids still talk about you? And Abraham has quite the crush: "Do you think Mrs. Scarbrough would like my shirt?"

  3. Rip my heart out, that just made my day!!!! And, for what's it's worth, we still talk about them, too. Sweet times!

  4. inquiring minds must know: what IS Gideon crawling through?

  5. HA! I forgot about that...

    It's a giant, it's an abstract of a fish's

    It's a see-saw from Ikea that doubles as our modern art when the "we're so cool that we have modern art" mood strikes. On a mantle, it looks ultra-chic. Of course, it only looks ultra-chic if there are no plastic fire engine, expandable ball, stuffed toy, box of new math books, and math blocks on the floor. Which would have also been removed if *I* was taking the picture. My 8YO has other priorities, I guess. All he saw was his brother.


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