Monday, July 12, 2010


We did get to the DMV. Virginia license for Ethan, change of address for me. Virginia license plate for the van. It's not personalized (BORING!!) and it's not pretty (standard blue-and-white). And it wasn't even cheap. But I'll take this DMV over the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Stafford ones any day. You could probably drive out here and back before you got things taken care of at those offices.

We did get to the bank. Errr ... I mean ... credit union. Account opened successfully.

We did make it back home, I did get a real supper fixed (although Ethan has not yet eaten it - dashed out to pray with a family).

Is it too ambitious to hope that I might also get the kitchen cleaned tonight?


  1. Baby steps, Rachel. You take them, and I'll take them, and eventually we will both get where we need to be. Praying for you.

  2. Thank you for the good reminder, Andrea.

    It also reminded me of "What about Bob?" a thoroughly stupid movie that also cracks me up. (Remember "baby steps, baby steps"?)

    But if you haven't seen it, DON'T. It will totally confirm your suspicions concerning my intellect (or lack thereof...).

  3. Dud you say, Spotsylvania? As in the town we drove to from Ohio to purchase our two American Hairless Terriers from a certain Mike and Pam Voit? 'Cause, that would be pretty neat, if so.

    BTW, I LOVE, "What about Bob?" and I don't know why and I don't tell people that I do.

  4. Oh my word! So you're a closet "What about Bob"er, too? I know, it's retarded, but some of those lines ... "You can call me Boob if you want to" just make me laugh so hard!

    And yes, that was probably the same Spotsylvania. We used to live there. Loved the countryside, hated the DMV.


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