Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Number Five Is Five

Her name ... Eden Quinn Mable ...

means "delight, fifth, lovable."

It's a mouthful.

But nothing like what I usually am yelling: "EDEN QUINN MABLE-LIKE-TABLE!" because when my grandmother was telling people how to spell her name, she would say, "It's Mable, like table."

And out of all of our children, this one really does seem to embody the idea of delight and pleasure. I don't mean she is any more delightful than any of the other angelic beings (somewhat, ahem, fallen) that call her "Sister." I mean she finds delight everywhere. She has this infectious, throaty, lusty laugh that wrinkles her newly freckled nose and gets her eyes to sparkling.

Following on the heels of a set of twins (19 mos. after), and the fifth child to boot, she never lost time in paving her own way. And now she's five. Look out, world. (And look out, Mama, because Five is somehow the Official Age of No More Naps in this house.)

What she hates: cleaning, organizing, tidying, neatening, straightening.

Sort of a lot like a certain oldest sister of hers.

What she loves: chuckling, giggling, guffawing, snuggling, looking straight into your eyes and saying, "OK. [Deep breath.] Let me tell you what happened. [Deep breath.]" before launching into an involved explanation of why her best attempts at the aforementioned cleaning, organizing, tidying, neatening, straightening resulted in more toys out and more doll clothes strewn everywhere.

She is a fierce hugger. I worry for the elderly in our church who are the recipients of her love. "Brace yourself!" I wince as I see her headed their way with outstretched arms.

But I never see them wince.

I see them smile, their noses wrinkling and eyes sparkling.

Eden, you are a good middle child. Right smack in the middle of everyone, you defy those that say the middle children get lost, unnoticed in the crowd.

You will never go unnoticed. You will never be lost.

You are a delight to Papa and to me. And, also, to a little more than a half-dozen other children who share our table and your jokes and also, sometimes, your chores.

Happy belated, Eedles Sweetles.


  1. Oh my GOSH she is adorable. I'd love an Eden-hug. Can you send those via UPS?

    Five is such a fun age. I liked being five. Happy Birthday to little miss Eden. :) (And I love her name!)

  2. Cute girl, love the name! I agree five is a great age. She sounds a lot like my oldest---great at making the messes, although she doesn't consider them messes.

  3. Aww!! Happy Birthday! She is so beautiful and sounds so sweet! Edin and my Walker should meet someday, I think they would get along famously :-)

  4. Oh my word, those are cute pictures! Happy Birthday Eden!


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