Friday, November 18, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Nov. 17

So, yes. I'm joining in on yesterday's linky. I'm a day behind. However, I am also a dollar short, so at least I am keeping the old sayings going.

But here I am.

Confession: this post is picture-heavy. I don't scrapbook, so I'm afraid that if I didn't post these, I would lose them forever. And I probably would.


The newly EIGHT-year old, enjoying a card from a gracious churchmember.

The backyard, in the snow of Oct. 29. (What? So what if I'm just posting this...
it hasn't even been a month since then!)

Moss among the fall leaves on a recent mountain walk.


Miriam, crafting

Gideon and Lily

Let me tell you what is so happy about the previous two pictures. This: where was I? Napping. Where was Ethan? Running errands. All by themselves, these four five (oops, forgot to count the photographers!) found coats and shoes (although they are not all wearing them in these pics), built a snowman, outfitted a snowman, found my camera, and took pictures just in case the snowman melted before I woke (!!!). A snow outing that did not involve me??!! GLORIOUS!!!


Gideon peering into Ethan's coffee mug. Also, Gideon drooling into Ethan's mug. I think that's funny.

Ben and Lily enjoying Calvin and Hobbes. Lily's page was a little funnier than Ben's.

Miriam on the ramp the kids built. Catch some air, Mimi! Quick!


Today was Lily's birthday (and I was on time for that). This is Salem (21 mos.) enjoying Lily opening her presents. (There is a video embedded in this post. Email subscribers may have to click over.)

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  1. Cute photos. So, you had snow in Virginia?? Wow. And, it must not be entirely rare, as your kids own parkas!
    Your tongue-sticking-out photo always takes me aback :) but if I had eight children, there's no telling what faces I'd be making! God bless, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My three boys love Calvin and Hobbes too. We only have a few books but I always seem to be tripping over them somewhere in the house. Tintin is a great favourite too - yours might like them if they like C & H. :)


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