Thursday, July 21, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Jul. 21

I never know how to label my photos for {pretty, happy, funny, real}, so I just toss them out there and let you categorize them.

Anyway. Today is hot as blazes, and we were all dreading going outside to do the animal chores. (Do feeding/watering a dozen chickens and a rabbit count as doing "animal chores"? Absolutely. Now let me refasten my bonnet and straighten my apron.)

But we did venture outside, albeit reluctantly.

And when Ethan was checking the chicken feeder, he found a little something next to it.

Shock of shockers.

An egg! Our first egg! We were all thrilled, and I eagerly added it to 17 store-bought eggs for our lunch of egg burritos.

And those were the best egg burritos I've ever tasted...


And just for fun, this is what I found as I was getting breakfast ready this morning:

Wait. Is that fun? It kind of also seems like a lot of work, especially as I'm trying to get breakfast on. And why can't they ever remember to move the remote and drape the blanket decoratively over the hole on the couch before they spontaneously gather?

These children!

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  1. Wouldn't have noticed the remote or the hole if you hadn't mentioned it. Way to go with getting a completely candid shot. Those are some beautiful kids you have!! :)

  2. Love it! And it was the same temperature in Maine today, so we went to Popham Beach where we sat huddled in towels to keep warm. Also to protect ourselves from the sandblasting. Came back home this afternoon to 90 degrees again. Tell me there's a happy medium somewhere...Please!

  3. Wow. Love your post, but that last picture is fantastic! I'm glad you took it ;)

    When our kids were little, the back of the sofa was the place for remotes, phones, anything that you didn't want the baby to chew on :)


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