Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend officially marked the day that we changed from having four 3 and under to having four 4 and under.

That sounds only slightly better.

But I'll tell you what sounds significantly better ... having eight 9 and under. Those older four are a tremendous help!

Eden turned four Saturday. She has always seemed older than her age, so her turning four seemed somewhat tardy. We also celebrated the week before with extended family, so this immediate family celebration seemed ... redundant.

We had the requisite German Chocolate Upside-down Cake, the sunglasses (it seems we give a new pair every birthday), and the present that was broken the same day it was received (and ironically, it's the one I've held on to for years because I kept forgetting to give it to someone!).

I love this little girl. She's got a set of lungs to rival ... well ... Salem's. Her laughter is infectious and pretty constant ... except when it's absent and she's practicing being a moody 17-yr. old. She plays the part impeccably.

Happy birthday, Little One. I'm so glad you're still little, even if you are Four.

Eden and Grandpa enjoying a gorgeous Aunt-Hannah-made fairy cake

Opening a handmade doll dress and bonnet - can you believe Aunt Becca's work?

Gideon and Aunt Becca

The rarely spotted Uncle Daniel and Gideon

Jonathan and Grandpa napping

Grandma reading a gifted Jan Brett to Eden and Lily
Cousin Nat

Part of the birthday gang..
...and some more.

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