Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Campers

I have been so behind on ... well, keeping up ... that I will have to post my updates in parts. So first, we start with the Housing Update, because that's the thing that I think I'm most behind on keeping up on (ugggh, I can hear the Vocabulary Police siren, not to mention that of the Grammar Squad...).
Last time I posted about housing, our landlord (a development company) had told us that we had a month to move as they were going to be developing the land around us. That meant we had until June 30th to find a new home, and our baby was due June 16th.
Well, that baby was born on June 16th (naturally, even...huh... a baby that knows his own due date!), and we were encouraged to ask for an extension. So we asked, and the landlord gave us another month. That gave us until July 31st. We were also given an incredible opportunity for Ethan to preach in Maine (and for us to visit with very special friends up there). He was to preach August 3rd, and we signed a lease for a vacation rental (WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!) beginning July 31st.
That meant we had to find a home, pack for Maine, and pack the house by July 30th (so we could take the two days we knew it would take us ~potty stops~potty stops~potty stops~). But more about the packing (and potty stops) later.
So where are we now? Well, here' s a clue:

Only where this one has "wpclipart," ours has an air conditioning unit. It's a good trade-off, I'm thinking.
We are staying in my parents' side yard in their pop-up camper (because our camper does not have air conditioning OR "wpclipart"). We have found a house to rent but it has some work that needs to be done and should be ready in the next week or two. Meanwhile, we sleep in the camper and spend the day in my parents' house.
There have been several unexpected blessings to this arrangement (one of them being high-speed Internet! -- three posts in three days! Are you shocked?). But I must say that one of my FAVORITE things is seeing our children at night. They have been amazing about going to bed (albeit we still have the routine boo-hooing at "Time to get your jammas on!"). Lily, Abraham, and Benjamin share one end of the camper. Miriam and Eden share the middle bed. Jonathan shares the other end bed with Ethan and me (and it's surprising how much room a 2-month old can take up on a bed).
We put the kids to bed a few hours before we go, and we turn on a baby monitor so we can hear if any shenanigans are going on. When we go to bed, I love to see the kids all sleeping soundly, cuddled up next to each other. A few days ago, I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to see Miriam (3) quietly getting out of bed and carefully covering Edee (20 mos.) up before she crawled back into bed and covered herself.
These children, who are used to having a CD play while they sleep and no baby brother to occasionally cry in the same room, have slept soundly each night with the brother and no CD.
I know it's a temporary arrangement, and I'm thankful for the great house that waits for us on the other end of this time. But for now, I love the quiet snores and gentle sighs in the middle of the night.
And I even love the muffled giggles and not-so-muffled 20-month old jabbering we catch over the monitor.




  1. you failed to mention where ben is, but i assume he's on the single bed.

  2. Ok, Baby Sister, when I said "Lily, Abraham, and Benjamin share one end of the camper," I was using Ben's full name. That's the same person as Benjamin.

    Didn't mean to confuse you there.


  3. ...oh eye just sort of skipped over it there


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