Thursday, April 19, 2007

The One Who Changed His Mind about Newborns

is three months old today! My husband's opinion of Newbornia was always that it was a necessary, albeit boring, part of childhood. Once they hit around 5 months, they were no longer the squirming, irritated creature that viewed Papa as the necessary, albeit boring, transportation to Mama. And so he has always impatiently waited for the 5-month mark, when they start smiling at Papa for Papa's sake and not because Mama's standing behind him.

EXCEPT for this one. She has smiled at him, and he at her, since Day One. I know they say it's only gas, but it seems a little suspicious to me that she would ONLY have gas when HE was holding her and EVERY time HE was holding her. And now you should hear her chuckle! She has this deep, rumbling chuckle that just gets everyone chuckling.

Happy 3 months, Eden!

1 comment:

  1. I confess - she has changed my mind about newborns. But, I must say, she is also a genius baby.


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